Straight Shooters is a range unlike any other range you may have seen. We designed it to be a smaller more local facility with limited membership. We also wanted the range to be the safest, healthiest, and most enjoyable to shoot in. After looking at many types of ranges we decided to go with the pros at Shooting Range Industries. They have ranges in service all over the world for both the public and law enforcement sectors. Calgary Police Service and CBSA have both purchased ranges from SRI. Their bullet traps virtually remove any risk of a ricochet. The lighting is specifically designed to prevent dark patches at any distance and the ventilation is so good CBSA bought one. Not only is the air quality in the range among the best of any range available, the discharged air is also filtered down to 3 microns before we expel it.

Each Ready Range from SRI is a complete 2 lane range built into modified shipping containers that are joined together to achieve the required length. The containers are lined with ballistic steels to prevent any rounds from exiting the shooting area. Even the ventilation systems are designed to prevent a round from escaping. The ranges are completely sealed and have their own dedicated hvac systems which prevents any range air from escaping into the rest of the facility. Without a doubt, the best air quality while also maintaining a comfortable shooting temperature.

With each range containing only 2 shooting lanes, it creates a semi-private shooting experience. This combined with their proprietary bullet traps, lighting, and world class ventilation system we are confident it will be one of your most enjoyable indoor shooting experiences.

Our retail inventory is designed to specialize in firearms, ammunition, and reloading components. With online access to over 1000 different parts and accessories with free, no minimum quantity, next day delivery to the store you have the best of both worlds – availability and low cost.

Our range consists of 4 pistol/rifle lanes that are 25 yards each and rated for medium rifle calibers (.308 and equivalent). However, larger calibers may be allowed with permission from management. There are also 2 pistol rated lanes that are 7 yards. All our ranges are the most advanced available for safety and health. Feel free to shoot lots!!!