We are pleased to offer both restricted and non-restricted PAL courses.  This is the course you will need to take to apply for your PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) so you can own firearms in Canada.  The non-restricted course is offered on Saturdays with the restricted course being offered on Sundays.  Please note that the non-restricted course will run the full day on the Saturday and the restricted course will run about half a day on the Sunday. 

Please note that you must contact us to purchase your space prior to the course.  Space is limited and the only way to secure your space is to book it in advance. 


Next PAL Course

February 23-24th

March 9-10th

March 23-24th


Course Fees

Non-restricted - $ 150.00

Restricted - $ 150.00

Non-restricted & Restricted - $ 275.00